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Easter is over. The lilies have disappeared, the large cross has been removed from the sanctuary, and life goes back to “normal” now. I would contend, however, that Easter is never over. We are an Easter people and we proclaim the Good News over and over again that Christ is risen! If we pay close attention to our lives and to the world around us, we can experience the resurrection time and again. How have you experienced resurrection in your own life? In the life of someone you love?

It is possible to experience resurrection as a faith community, also. Where do you see resurrection in the church? What was once dead and is now coming back to life? How about your personal faith? Does it need to be resurrected? What steps might you take to accomplish that?

With all of us working together, we can make changes that lead to resurrection. It might be challenging, but we know that we are accompanied by a God who loves us more than we can ever imagine. Keep Easter in your heart, even when all of the Easter decorations have been put away. I think you’ll be glad you did!



May 5

Jack Sifford &

Scott McCauley

May 12

Julian Gray &

George Paul Hehr, Jr.

May 19

Neil & Kathy Rush

May 26

Paul & Ginny Tucker

Teresa Davis

Cedar Ridge Service

Flock 3 (Geese) will assist Rev. Olt with the Cedar Ridge Service at 2:00 PM on May 5.   

Members of Flock 3 (Geese) areTeresa Davis (Deacon), Mike Davis, Steve & Mary Beth Alexander, John Alexander, Bob & Chris Newcomb, Casey Newcomb, Mike & Laura Wachter, Scott & Janet McCauley, Virginia Bradley, Annette Stewart, Sheila Jameson, and Scott Sullivan

May 5

Acts 9:1-6 (7-20)

John 21:1-19

May 12

Acts 9:36-43

John 10:22-30

May 19

Acts 11:1-18

John 13:31-35

May 26

Acts 16:9-15

John 14:23-29

On April 28 the Youth will be going to the Cooper’s lake house.

The Main Cup

Believe It or Not Book Club

Believe It or Not Book Club meets on May 14 at noon at The Main Cup. 

The book for May is: Consider the Women by Debbie Blue.


Clayton Arnold, Danny Bailey, Jane Ann Thomson Bell, Lauren Cammack, Betty Deibel, 

Chuck Duffy, Kelly Mastin (Woody Ritchie's daughter), Clarence Qualls, Reba Stone, Wilson Stone, 

Tim Teske, Becky Wagers, Devon Williams, Steve Wood, Barbara Wornall

Food Pantry Item for May



AMM Circle


May 1 at 10:00 AM


with lunch to follow after lesson at Lil’s in Paris



June 1 at 11:00 AM


carpooling from Jake’s and going to

The Depot in Paris

Presbyterian Women Mission Offering totaled $560.00 and will be going to the 

Harrison County Senior Citizens Center.

Vacation Bible School – June 17 - 20

Our annual Vacation Bible School is fast approaching and plans are well underway to make the week a fantastic and fun way of learning about God. This year’s theme is Rolling River Rampage. To keep with our theme of camping on the river bank we would like to make sit-upons for each child to have for the week. We are asking the congregation to help support our VBS program by donating newspapers and a plastic or vinyl shopping bag. We cannot use a cloth, felt, or paper shopping bag. The vinyl ones can be purchased locally at Dollar Tree, Dollar General Store, Ruler’s, or Ken’s New Market. We thank you so much for making this a memorable week at Vacation Bible School.

Cynthiana Christian Church will host the End of the Month Meal on May 25.