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In Person and on Zoom!

We will send a Zoom link for Sunday School.

Children’s Sunday School begins at 9:45 AM

Children’s Sunday School books

are on the table outside the church office.

Adult Sunday School begins at 10:00 AM.

Come join us in the church building or on Zoom!!!

If you know of anyone who would like to participate in Sunday School on Zoom, please call the church office at 234-2961 with their email address.

WORSHIP will now be on Facebook Live and Zoom! Follow our Cynthiana Presbyterian Church Facebook page and join us for Worship at 11:00 AM or join us in our sanctuary for Worship!

Remember, we are the church wherever we are, not just in the building.  Go out and BE the church!

What a wonderful worship service we had yesterday!  It felt so good to have the choir back in the choir loft and leading us in our singing.  What a difference it makes to have them there!

All of the elements of our worship service are important, including the music.  "Christian worship gives all glory and honor, praise and thanksgiving to the holy, triune God.  We are gathered to worship to glorify God who is present and active among us-Particularly through the gifts of Word and Sacrament." (W-1.0101, Book of Order)  Music certainly helps us to do that!

Some people connect to God more through music than through sermon, and that's quite all right.  As we praise God, we are lucky to have our wonderful choir.  Please join me in welcoming them back and thanking them for all the hard work they put in to making our worship special.

"Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises."
(Psalm 98:4)

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Julie

Youth Group Schedule 2022:

October 9: Noon: to plan for chili luncheon

October 16: Noon: for chili luncheon

November 13: 5:00 pm: cookout at the Case's

November 20: Noon: to make Christmas craft

December 4: 2:00 pm: at Cedar Ridge for caroling and then to shop for Christmas Angels

December 18: 6:00 pm: for Christmas party,

If you know of a youth in 5th - 12th grade, we would love to have them join us!  Just let us know and we will be sure to invite them and include them in our mailings.

Cedar Ridge Service - Sunday, October 2, 2022 at 2:00 pm

Deacon Debbie Cooper and her Flock will attend.

October 2

Lamentations 1: 1-6

Psalm 137

October 9

Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7

Psalm 66: 1-12

October 16

Jeremiah 31: 27-34

Psalm 119: 97-104

October 23

Joel 2: 23-32

Psalm 65

October 30

Isaiah 1: 10-18

Psalm 32: 1-7

For October: Debbie Cooper/Jill Rosenbaum ( Head Usher ) and Meg Ammerman 

Cynthiana Presbyterian Church - Congregational Offerings and Expenses for August and September (through Sept 25) 2022

August Congregational Offerings - $9,456.17

August Expenses - $20,252.25

September (through Sept 25) Congregational Offerings - $7,871.41

September (through Sept 25) Expenses - $13,123.31

Purchase Orders:

The Session has decided that, going forward, all purchases made for the church will need a purchase order.  If you would like to be reimbursed for something you purchase for the church, simply stop by the office BEFORE you make a purchase and Tina will help you with the purchase order.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Thank you for your help!

Choir members, don't forget to attend choir practice every Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM in the Choir room.  Christmas Cantata will be December 11.

Blessings, Tammy!!

Food Pantry

The Food Pantry Items for October: Crackers.


You can drop off at the church Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM. Thank you to everyone who donates to the Food Pantry.

Fellowship and Membership Committee:

The Fellowship/Membership Committee will meet Thursday, October 20 at 7:00 pm on ZOOM.  PLEASE TUNE IN !!!  There are some great ideas out there just waiting to be shared!!

The Main Cup:

The Main Cup's mission for September was the Harrison County Food Pantry.  We raised $172- Thank You!!!  The October mission is the Comfort Catalog (free personal hygiene items) at the library.  Be sure to make stuff or buy stuff on Friday, October 7!! thank you.

We are looking for your best pumpkin treats to sell in the shop: Pumpkin roll, Pumpkin muffins, Pumpkin bread, Pumpkin scones, Pumpkin cake.  Get the picture?  The Cynthiana Tourism Commission is promoting local restaurants serving pumpkin flavored items.  We want The Main Cup to be first on that list!!!

Burnamwood Work Day:

Our volunteer efforts help keep our camp looking beautiful and the costs to camp participants down.  Join us November 5 at Burnamwood to help paint, spilt wood, organize and clean up the craft room, and more!  We'll meet at 9:00 AM at the camp and work until we have to leave. Snacks and Lunch provided.  And if you'd like to spend Friday or Saturday evening at the camp and enjoy the grounds, campfire, and fellowship, we'd love to have you!

 Anna Myers McKee Circle meets on Wednesday, October 5 at 10:00 AM at the Church and/or on ZOOM.  Lesson #2 will be taught by Mildred Hehr.

Presbyweb Circle will meet on Tuesday, October 11  at 7:00 PM.  For those who are unable to attend in person, we will send a link for ZOOM.  The hostess will be Rev. Julie Olt and lesson #1 will be taught by Tallu Smith.

The Presbyweb Circle met for the September meeting at the home of Teresa Davis.  This is the first time we were able to meet in person since the Pandemic in 2020.  It was such a blessing to meet with everyone in person.  We were blessed to have 17 members come out for the meeting.  As only she can, Sue Lake serenaded us with "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" and Cheryl Case led us in a devotional from "Mornings with Jesus".  Janet McCauley shared our list of shut-ins, and everyone signed cards.  Tallu Smith gave a session update and Ginny Tucker reported on the End of the Month Meal.  Due to the Pandemic, our meal preparation has changed, and it is felt that perhaps it is easier on those volunteering to assist with the meals.  Ginny is ordering items from Gordon Foods and Sam's Club.  Cindy Moore shared that a community group may be interested in finding a project to take on and perhaps one End of the Month Meal would be a good project. Meg Ammerman presented an overview of our Bible Study, and we are looking forward to each month's lesson.  According to our introduction, many people grow up assuming that Sunday was more about "no" than it was about "yes".  Everyone shared memories of Sundays as we were growing up.  We closed with the Mizpah Benediction and then Teresa Davis served us delicious homemade pies, fruits, and nuts.  Of course we can't forget to thank Mike Davis for rearranging all of our vehicles.  What a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with one another.  We look forward to our next meeting on October 11 at the church with Julie Olt as hostess.  All are welcome to join us either in person or by ZOOM.

The Presbyterian Women Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday October 18 at 7:00 pm on ZOOM.

Believe It or Not Book Club

The Book for October is Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins- Valdez. We will meet on October 17 at Noon. Everyone is welcome at the Main Cup to join us for a lively discussion of this book!

                                                                                                 PRAYER LIST

Cedar Ridge – Sheila Jameson, Harold & Vel Martin, Bill Probus, Peggy Rucker, Lois Sifford, Zell Schulman


Garrett Bourne, Eric Cash (Wreck), The Family of Carsyn Childers, Paul Colson, Greg Courtney, The Family of Michele Foley, Hargis Jr. & Ruth Fryman (Health Concerns - Parents of Tammy Bruce), Nanette Gillon, The Family of Peggy Gray, Dwayne Hall, Desha Henson, Danny Kearns, Leslie Martin, The Family of Doug McCarty, Merlin Rodriguez, Barbara Rosenbaum, J T Ross, Jeff Stephens, Mark Wells, Barbara Wornall, Hurricane Victims of Florida and Cuba and Puerto Rico, The Flood Victims of Eastern Kentucky, Peace in Europe, Victims in Ukraine, Mission Personnel, Our Country, Covid-19 patients in Cynthiana, in Kentucky, in the United States, and the World, Thankfulness for the Covid Vaccine

If you would like to make an electronic donation, here is our QR code. 

 Scan with your phone and the site will come up where you can donate.

  Thank you!

Important Dates in October

October 2: 10:00 am Sunday School

                 -10:00 am Choir Practice

                 -11:00 am Worship Service (Communion Sunday)

                 -12:00 pm/Noon Worship Committee

                 -  2:00 pm Cedar Ridge Service (Deacon Debbie Cooper and Flock)

October 3: 7:00 pm Bop's Baby Closet Meeting

October 5: 10:00 am  Anna Myers McKee Circle (In person and or ZOOM)

                  - 7:00 pm Main Cup Board meeting ZOOM


October 9: 10:00 pm  Sunday School

                 -10:00 am Choir practice

                 -11:00 am Worship Service

                 -12:00 pm/Noon Youth Group meeting

October 10: 7:00 pm Session Meeting

October 11: 7:00 pm Presbywebs at Church and/or ZOOM

October 1610:00 am  Sunday School

                   -10:00 am Choir Practice

                   -11:00 am Worship Service

                   -12:00 pm/Noon Church - Wide Chili Luncheon & Basket Auction

October 18: 12:00 pm - Noon Believe It or Not Book Club at the Main Cup

                   - 7:00 pm PW Board Meeting ZOOM

October 20: 7:00 pm Fellowship/Membership Committee Meeting - ZOOM

October 23: 10:00 am Sunday School

                   -10:00 am Choir Practice

                   -11:00 am Worship Service

October 30: 10:00 am Sunday School

                   -10:00 am Choir Practice

                   -11:00 am Worship Service

                   -12:00 pm/Noon Year In The Bible Group

Birthday's in October

October 3: George W Rose

October 4: Hazel Cooper

October 5: Kelsi Caldwell

                 - Alice Kolbe

                 - Aaron Williams

October 8: Tina Swinford

October 9: Janet McCauley

                  - Lois Sifford

                  - Jane Thomas

October 10: Ann Selin Dorsey

                   - Herb VonGruenigen

October 11: Jim McKee

                                                                                                            October 12: Darwin Root

                                                                                                            October 14: Rachel Riddell

                                                                                                            October 15: Theresa Cook

                                                                                                            October 17: Susan Rose

                                                                                                            October 19: Mike Wachter

                                                                                                            October 21: Johnny Hehr

                                                                                                            October 25: Luke Bradford

                                                                                                            October 26: Emily Curtsinger

                                                                                                                               - Mike Davis

                                                                                                                               - Amanda Wright


                                                                                                            October 28: Brandi Brewer

Anniversary's in October

October 1: Michael & Tonya Beasley

October 5: Kent & Taylena Burgan

October 10: Bob & Chris Newcomb

October 11: Allen & Maria Blankenship

October 21: Gene & Marilyn Richie