Debbie & Greg Cooper became grandparents again 9/18/18 

  Zephyr Isabella Bagby is the daughter of Anna and Drew Bagby

                                             The 2nd Annual John Swinford Memorial Dinner was held  at the
                                                        Cynthiana Country Club September 13, 2018.

        This year the John Swinford Family Award was                                      Last year (2017) the award was received by 

         received by Sallie Kinney and family.                                                      Mary Swinford and family.

Jim and Tina Swinford also attended The 2nd Annual 

  John Swinford Memorial Dinner at the Cynthiana Country Club.


Justin Newcomb graduated Saturday, August 4. 2018 from Bowling Green State University

With a BS in Human Development & Family Studies.

Flight winners at this year’s Burley Belles

FIRST FLIGHT. 1st low gross, Diane Meyer; 1st low net, Charlotte Nelson; 2nd low gross Teresa Davis; 2nd low net, Nola Reeder.