Our Church is organized by committees to aid in the ministries of the church.

Mission Committee: Chaired by Tom McKee , Co-chaired by Sherri Williams.  This Committee is responsible for planning, supervising and promoting the End of the Month Meal ministry, work with local service agencies of Harrison County, designate church mission funds for use in the local community  and beyond.

Property and Planning Committee: Chaired by Mike Davis.  Oversees budget for utilities, maintenance and repairs, implement plans for regular care of the church grounds.

Education and Nurture: Chaired by Dr. Greg Cooper, Co-Chair: Laura Sanders.  This Committee is involved in providing supplies, equipment and teaching staff for Sunday School, Youth Program, Vacation Bible School program, etc.

Administration and Finance: Chaired by Dr. Neil Rush, Co-chaired by Bill Swinford.  This Committee recommends budget for the Session.  Make recommendations for Special Offerings, review and revise job descriptions and compensation for staff members.

Worship Committee: Chaired by Myrna Slade. This Committee plans the Church Worship Calendar with the pastor, provides sacraments for worship services and encourages members to use their gifts and talents to assist in worship leadership.

Fellowship Committee: Chaired by Tallu Smith.  The Committee endeavors to provide avenues of connection with other church members, as well as the community at large.  Some of our events are: a county fair on Zoom, Paint Palooza, Cooking with Cheryl, Derby Eve Cocktail Party, and Sewing with Meg just to name a few.

Technology Committee: Chaired by Tallu Smith, Co-Chair: Laura Sanders. The Technology Committee of the Cynthiana Presbyterian Church was established to enhance the communication of the church's message.  The committee wants to inspire and encourage through outreach communication by providing technical support to enhance worship services through ZOOM and Facebook Live.  They will maintain the church's website as well as maintain Facebook and Instagram presence with integrity and attention to abiding to the church's mission statement.