Good to see Shelia Jameson has settled in her new "Digs" and is finally getting to enjoy an outing also . Thanks to Alex Barnett and Stepping Stone farms, 6 of the residents made private
trips to the sunflower fields. 

The look of Sunday morning worship service during the Pandemic!  
We are still getting together here and get to talk with our church family before and after each service.  

And still having worship.!!!

Our pastor as a child and her father.  
 Also our new member, Peggy Rucker to the far right.

The wedding of Luke Tucker and Kait Orsborn 6/26/20
(Son of Paul & Ginny Tucker)

We welcome Peggy Rucker into our membership and 

Jim Rucker into our midst (ministers are members of the Presbytery, not the local church).

We are glad that they are safely here in Cynthiana with us!

Pastor Julie made another porch visit today

First race of the Super Gas Series Association in Jackson SC and Rusty gets the win.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sent in by Theresa Cook 

Jay Sanders at work on a very hot Sunday in Cynthiana!


NHRA Divisional was held this past weekend at Atlanta Dragway. 

Rusty Cook won in Super Gas Category with his Corvette Roadster! 

The remaining 7 applicants for small business grant  recipients are:  

Simply Hair 

Ernies Sports Bar

Cymply Cynful Nutrition

Beauty Nook

Finders Keepers

Frames n Christian Things

Krazy Bytes

These grants are $500 each and are in memory of Cynthia Sullivan.  

  Congratulations to each of these small businesses, and thank you for what you do for our community! 

 And, a special thank you to the Sullivan family!


Anna Midden 

plans to attend University of Kentucky to major in Kinesiology/Pre-PT.  

Casey Sledd 

plans to attend University of Kentucky to major in mechanical engineering.

Pastor Olt visited a few members that are being missed by all.

Bill Selin playing Taps at the Maysville Cemetery Memorial Day.

He was playing for his wife Debra’s,  uncle that was in the military

Bill has popped up in the news again!!

Memorial Day at Battle Grove Cemetery, in an effort to commemorate all American service men and women who gave their lives for their country Bill Selin played “Taps” at 3 p.m. as did other bugle players around the United States at that appointed hour.

We are so excited to present the winners of the $500 small business grants from our Church!  
(Click on picture to open slide show of pictures)

The winners wer


Some familiar faces we miss seeing here at the
 Cynthiana Presbyterian Church

Katie & Bettie, daughters of Dr. William Frank McKemie and Jennie, doing a
 little social distancing while "toasting".

Our YOUTH GROUP met via ZOOM during this pandemic

As the governor requested, we are ringing our church bell at 10 AM each day to remind everyone that they are not alone and we are all in this together. Our volunteer today was Rachel Swinford!

One of our largest Supper Club groups.  15 attended tonight.  
Come join us!!  Fun evening of talking, eating and enjoying the company. 
Different place every week!!!

During Sunday School class today our resident artist, Dr. Greg Cooper
drew this illustration to go along with the scripture. 

Lent begins in the wilderness. The Spirit guides Jesus into the wilderness where he comes face to face with temptation and struggle. Yet, in his forty days of fasting, resisting, and wandering, Jesus is shaped and formed for ministry. Similarly, through the wilderness of Lent, we are invited to surrender to the wild leadings of the Spirit. We rarely enter the wilderness willingly, but hopefully through our wandering we remember who we are and whose we are. The wilderness can become sacred even if it remains dangerous. There is no wilderness space too harsh or threatening for God’s love. This Lent, we welcome you to the journey.

National Wear Red Day

Wear red to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease and save lives.

Rusty Cook winner and runner up at Orlando Raceway.

AMM Circle meets the first Wednesday of every month except the summer months. 
 Anyone interested in joining our group is welcome!!