The  ongoing  journey  of  the  Presbyterian  Women  is  to  form  a  community  of  women:

*to  study  and  nurture  their  faith  through  prayer  and  Bible  study

*to  support  the  mission  of  the  church  worldwide

*to  work  for  justice  and  peace

*to  build  an  inclusive,  caring  community  of  women  that  strengthens  the  Presbyterian  Church  (USA) and  witnesses  to  promise  of  God's  Kingdom

At  the  Cynthiana  Presbyterian  Church  all  women  of  the  congregation  are  considered  Presbyterian Women.  There  are  two  circles  that  meet  for  Bible  study.  On  the  first  Wednesday  of  each  month  the Anna Myers McKee Circle  meet  at  10:00  a.m.  on  the  second  Tuesday  of  each  month  the Presbywebs  meet  at  7:00 p.m.

Presbyterian Women Executive Board 2022-2023

Moderator: Tammy Bruce

Secretary: Leigh Geisler

Treasurer: Sherri Williams

Historian: Tina Swinford

Christian Community Action

       Chairman: Jill Rosenbaum

       Co-Chairman: Meg Ammerman

Ecumencial Missions and Relations

          Chairman: Sherri Williams

          Co-Chairman: Teresa Davis

Leadership and Resources

          Chairman: Laura Sanders

          Co-Chairman: Ginny Tucker

Personal Faith and Family

      Chairman: Tammy Bruce

      Co-Chairman: Mary Beth Alexander

Member at Large: Kitty Lake